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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Flight to Luxor

Breakfast at the Premier Inn starts at 5 a.m. so we were up in plenty of time to sample that, and very nice it was too with loads of choice.  However, as I'd had the worst sleep ever, I was very tired and wasn't hungry, so I didn't manage very much to eat.

We had already checked in with Easyjet on line prior to travelling, so all we needed to do was drop off the bags when we got over to the terminal building.  All of that was easy enough and we then passed through all the security checkpoints with no problems at all.  Our seats were also all booked at the time of organising our flights - we were in row 13 on the way out and also row 13 on the flight back!!  Fingers were well and truly crossed that the number 13 would be lucky!!

Because I was so tired, I think I fell asleep just after the safety briefing and when I eventually woke up I was in the air!  I reckon I slept for most of the flight, but woke up in time to take these photos, which I presume are over the Alps somewhere!!

On our eventual arrival at Luxor Airport it didn't seem as chaotic and it was a breeze getting through passport control.  Our driver was waiting for us coming off the flight so we all clambered aboard the minibus and off we set to the Hilton Hotel.  It was so lovely to be driving through the streets of Luxor once more.

There was a warm welcome waiting at the Hilton and we quickly checked-in and were allocated our rooms, however after meeting a lot of the old staff that we knew from our previous visits here, we were quickly reallocated the rooms that we used to always ask for when staying there (373 and 374).  What a great surprise that was! Luckily, we hadn't unpacked our cases, so the transfer to the new rooms was very easy.

I must say that arriving at the Hilton was like arriving in paradise!  What a transformation - it is just wonderful, and in the most beautiful setting.  We weren't at all sure where to eat for dinner that night, but on the night we arrived, a traditional Egyptian meal was on offer, which had been cooked on hot coals outside.  This is a photo of the fire pit and cooking dishes

So, we opted for that - dining Egyptian style under the stars with a view over to the illuminated Theban Hills, just perfect!!

After dinner we had a look around the hotel and pool area then it was off to bed and I think I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow!!

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