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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Another lazy pool day and a wee walk

Yes, you've guessed - another lazy day at the pool ahead!!  And then another lunch at Caffe Moka!!

Just prior to lunch though, we spotted this cricket atop one of the sun lounger sunshades.  The lady underneath had absolutely no idea that it was there and I didn't dare tell her in case she freaked out!! I don't think she noticed me frantically taking photos before it moved off - and it did move off rather sharpish when a sparrow took a low swoop over the top of it!!

After lunch though, my husband and I decided to take a walk as I wanted to go to Aboudi's Bookshop which is near to Snack Time and McDonalds, but trying to avoid the worst hassle spots near Luxor Temple and both the Sinbad and Hamees Cafes.  So, we left Caffe Moka and headed left along the street, and kept heading left around some of the old streets that we knew from our previous visits and, lo and behold, we popped out into a street opposite the Temple and just beside a new cafe called Cafe Latte and McDonalds, Snack Time, Aboudi's Bookshop etc. And guess what - no hassle from anyone at all.  We could see building work taking place at what we think is the old Luxor Hotel and we found a shopping arcade that looks pretty new, but there are hardly any shops open, in fact most are still empty, which is a shame.

Shopping arcade

Fried fish, but not quite like the fried fish back home!

Price list of the new cafe Latte
I done a bit of shopping in Aboudi's - no hassle and all fixed price.  The Fairtrade shop is close by here too, but it was closed at the time I was there.  We walked back the way we had come - again no hassle at all as we were more or less off the tourist route.  It was pretty hot though, so we were glad to get back to the pool to rest and cool off - I still hadn't totally immersed myself in the water though as it was just too cold for that!!

When we tore ourselves away from the pool to start getting ready for dinner we discovered more surprises in the room for us - more little cakes and a chocolate mousse!!

Delicious little sweet treats
During our walk to the restaurant tonight there was a power cut and when we got to Puddleduck (which we had booked previously) we had to wait quite a while for the power coming back on.  However, it was worth the wait when the food was able to be produced, and we had a delicious meal.  Four starters, four main courses and drinks all came to 532LE.

On the way back to the hotel we bought rolls at the local baker for lunch and then we stopped off at a street seller who was selling sticky little cakes!!  As if we hadn't eaten enough already!!!  We had no dea how to order them, but a local chap helped us and it seemed we couldn't buy them individually to try them, they had to be bought in kilos or part kilos.  Well, there's no way we could take a kilo of them, but we ended up with a box of assorted cakes weighing half a kilo!  The cost was only 10LE!!

The cake seller

Half a kilo of assorted sticky cakes!
There was no way we could finish all of these after having eaten our  meal, so we tried some and then took the rest down to the reception staff at the desk and they polished them off no problem at all.  It was then off to bed as we were going to have an earlier start so we could visit Karnak Temple in the morning before all the crowds appeared on the tour buses.

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