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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Maritim Jolie Ville Hotel and an unexpected visit to Hospital!!

I had another terrible night's sleep having been awake since 2.30 a.m. and felt pretty rough in the morning however made it down to breakfast then down to the pool where I promptly fell asleep on the sunbed!!  The plan today was to visit the Martim Jolie Ville Hotel, Kings Island, Luxor, as we hadn't been there for a very long time, and that we'd stay for lunch.

I dragged myself off the sunbed and, as we had booked him the day before, Dony was waiting for us outside and he drove us up to the hotel with the same arrangement as before - I'd just phone him about ten minutes or so before we were ready to leave.  At least that way we could spend as much time as we wanted at the hotel and he was free to pick up fares instead of just sitting waiting around for us at the Jolie Ville somewhere.

The Jolie Ville has certainly expanded somewhat since we last visited and, although it's all very nice, it's just a bit too far out of town for us.  Perfect though if you want a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of Luxor, but it's not really for us.  We did have a nice lunch though and a wee wander around to take some photos but, as I still wasn't feeling that great, I don't have many photos to offer!!  I did manage to capture an egret with a fish though, so was pleased with this one.

As arranged, after our lunch we phoned Dony and he came to pick us up and took us straight back to the Winter Palace where I stayed at the pool for the remainder of the day.

We had a table booked at Puddleduck tonight (have you guessed yet that this is our favourite restaurant??) so we made our way out the back gate to find the streets in darkness!  The whole of Medina Street was unlit, but at least we had our torches with us this time after having experienced the power cuts on previous nights.  It was quite daunting walking down the street with no lighting, bearing in mind that the mad motor cyclists were still buzzing about and that most of the vehicles never drive with their lights on in the dark in any case!!  We were made aware of another potential hazard however when a local man shouted out a warning to my friend and I - "Watch your handbags!!"  Happily, we also had no problems with any attempted handbag snatches.  We progressed down to Puddleducks though still in total darkness, and found that the restaurant too was without power but, after only a few minutes inside, the lights came back on and everything was back to normal.

I had already sent a text to a medical friend back home with the symptoms that I was suffering and it was suggested that I should at least try to have a blood pressure check carried out, so I asked Jill where the best place was to have that carried out.  She pointed me in the direction of a pharmacy just around the corner so, after ordering my food, my husband took me to the pharmacy but the owner there told us that his 'mercury was broken' and said we should go to the new 'Luxor Medical Center' which just a few doors away and nearto Arkwright's Supermarket.

I had no idea what to expect of this place but, on entering, it was bright and clean and I was more or less seen by a doctor straight away.  After examination I was totally gobsmacked when the doctor recommended that I should stay with them for observation that night as they wanted to take blood tests and would be able to start any treatment straight away if that was necessary when the results came back.  So, the decision was taken to admit me and I was taken to a double room in case my husband wanted to stay with me for the night.  I must admit the room was lovely with two hospital beds, two mini fridges with soft drinks, telephone, two TVs and a large shower room/toilet with hairdryer.  And everything was spotlessly clean.

The other hospital bed in the double room
I was then hooked up to a drip and my husband went off to let our friends know what was happening and to have his meal.  I was going nowhere!!  My husband and friends came back to see me after they had eaten, then my husband had to go back to the hotel for all the insurance documents and various bits and bobs then after he got all of that back to me, he went back to the hotel for the night.  I was going to be totally fine where I was.  I felt safe and had no qualms at about about staying there on my own.  The staff were brilliant and very attentive - it was five star!!

During his visit, my husband told me that when he and our friends had walked back to the hotel earlier they had gone a different route and found that there was a huge roadblock near the roundabout at the Iberotel (old Novotel).  The news on that was that there had been a bag snatch by someone on a motor bike but that the perpetrator had been caught.

A different doctor saw me during the early hours of the morning to give me the results of my blood tests.  It turned out that my potassium and magnesium levels were very low so I was immediately put on a potassium drip to get the levels back to normal.  I somehow managed to fall asleep and actually had quite a good night's sleep!!  I must say that the hospital bed was very comfortable indeed.

This is the link to the Luxor Medical Center

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