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Monday, 8 April 2013

Setting off for home

We were up for breakfast fairly early as usual then spent time at the pool before heading out to Caffe Moka for lunch.  We were to be picked up at 2.30 p.m. to be taken to the airport so after lunch we headed off to our rooms to get changed and to pack up the final items into the suitcases.

Our transport arrived on time and we were soon at the airport dodging the 'porters' wishing to relieve you of your cases!!  However, on the way to the airport we were aware of having to change carriageways on the dual carriageway heading towards the airport so that there was two-way traffic on the one carriageway.  We thought that perhaps there had been an accident as we could see vehicles in the distance, but it was no accident.  It was a queue for fuel at at petrol station.  I have never seen a queue like it in my life.  I don't know how many vehicles were there (it looked like hundreds!), but the garage forecourt was full and the road was totally blocked and the men from the vehicles were everywhere.  It looked totally chaotic!!  I would have taken photos, but the camera was packed away in the hand luggage!!

We sailed through most of the formalities at the airport problem free and settled down up in the cafe area where we soon learned that our flight was to be late in leaving.  We had no idea why, but we did suspect that it would be because of snow as we knew that snow had been falling in the UK again!  We had left in the snow and it appeared that we were heading back to snow as well!!

As we sat waiting for our flight we received news that my husband's mum was waiting to be taken into hospital!!  We could only sit there and wait for news however as there was just nothing we could do.  Luckily, we had friends at the other end who were with her and keeping us posted as to what was going on, and we were told that it didn't appear to be serious, which put our minds at ease a bit.

The flight home was uneventful and we landed back into a very cold Gatwick Airport.  We learned on the flight that it had in fact been delayed by a fall of snow!!

On landing and getting settled into the Premier Inn at Gatwick, we confirmed that my husband's mum was comfortable in hospital, spent another comfortable night at the hotel, and  had a lovely breakfast the following morning and a good flight back home to Scotland.  It was sad to have left Luxor, but it was nice to be back home, except for the very cold weather - it was freezing!!

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