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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The day before the second BIG birthday

I had another terrible night with all my symptoms back again so, after breakfast, it was off to the clinic again!!  It was quite a fascinating walk through the streets however as this is a walk that we normally do at night and not during the day!!  It was like chalk and cheese - a totally different place altogether!!  And there also wasn't much evidence of crazy guys on motor cycles driving like maniacs!!

After another consultation with the doctor he arranged for more blood tests to be done and he also altered the dose of medication that he had given me. He also discovered that I had a high temperature and was concerned that I maybe had a 'fever', but I think he really just meant that my temperature was high.  However, that could have been because I had just walked to the clinic!!  Rather reluctantly, he allowed me to go back to the hotel and I promised to keep in the shade and to rest.  He arranged for me to pop in that night again for the results of the blood tests.

On the way back to the hotel, I took some photos.


Fancy motor bike and trailer

Fruit and veg sellers

Fresh fish

I think these were cabbages - they were huge!



Vegetable seller
After getting back to the hotel, I kept my promise to the doctor and just relaxed in the shade.  As much as my hospital stay was a very pleasant one, one night was enough and I didn't want any more!! The only time I stepped out of the shade was to walk up to Caffe Moka for lunch!!

That night we got ready for dinner and walked along to the Fortune Cookie.  We left our friends in there while I went back to the medical centre for the results of my blood tests, which were all good with my potassium and magnesium levels back to a normal level, which was good news.  We then had our meal at the Fortune Cookie then walked back to Caffe Moka for a final drink before heading back to the hotel.

It would be the second BIG birthday tomorrow!!

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