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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The second BIG Birthday!!

The BIG day arrived!!  However, the poor soul hadn't had a good sleep and still had his upset stomach despite taking medication!!  However, despite all of that we were determined that he'd have a good day - it was a case of you WILL enjoy yourself!!

We went for breakfast but he didn't want a big fuss made, so I had to hide his cards until we got to the pool where he opened all his cards and a couple of presents that I had brought with me.

And after all of that excitement, we spent a lazy day lounging in the sun before heading off to get changed for high tea that I had arranged earlier.  We wandered up to the Victoria Lounge where tea was to be served.  We weren't at all sure what to expect, but everything was lovely, and the hotel provided a birthday cake.

There was one cake stand between two with plenty to eat.  On the bottom tier there were little scones, cream and apricot jam and small creme brulees ( at least we think that's what they were!).  On the second tier were the 'sandwiches' with toppings of cheese, egg, smoked salmon, pate and beef.  The top tier had the most delicious little sweet treats including macaroons, fruit tart and a chocolate mousse.  You were given the choice of tea or coffee.  You don't have to have Nescafe by the way - that was my choice as I don't like what the Winter Palace call their 'American coffee"!!  All of this is pretty much good value at 150LE per person.  There was more than enough to go round, so much so that we shared what was left with a French lady who was taking some tea on her own.  She polished off all the left-overs!

Then the birthday cake arrived!!

However, it arrived after my husband had to leave the table to go back to the room as his stomach was giving him problems!!  We arranged for it to be delivered to the room later, which it did, complete with trolley and table cover, crockery and cutlery, all set up for the four of us to sit down to eat the cake!!  By that time though we were pretty well stuffed, so left it all till later.

It was then time to get packed as we were leaving the next day.  That was our two weeks finished and we had to prepare to go home.

Later on that evening we got ready to go to Puddleduck as my husband had chosen to have his birthday dinner there, and I had arranged it all with Jill earlier.  We walked down Medina Street as usual and found that Jill had very kindly put up a banner and balloons, which was lovely.  We had our dinner and then a birthday cake arrived with much singing and noise by the staff - the cake was delicious but, as we were leaving the next day, we weren't able to take any of it away with us so my husband asked that it be shared with the rest of the diners that were in that night so that nothing would be wasted.

Then after walking back to the hotel via Caffe Moka where we said our goodbyes to our Egyptian friend who had joined us for coffee, we went back to the hotel and ate even more cake!!  It too was delicious but there was no way we could finish it so we took it downstairs to the reception staff who were delighted to do that job for us!!  The beds in the room had been decorated for the occasion!!

We went to bed that night full of cake and happy memories of our holiday!!

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