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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The first BIG birthday!!

I had a great sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead to celebrate our friend's 70th birthday.  I had packed banners and decorations so he woke to find a birthday banner on his hotel door!  I took some down to breakfast as well where we met some of the staff that have been there for years. They made a great fuss of us and, on realising that it was our friend's birthday, a special pancake was made and all the staff came out an sang happy birthday.  What a great start to the day!!

However, as we were just popping out of the hotel to see one of the local shopkeepers that we know, my phone started buzzing at me and, when I looked to see why, I soon found out that there had been a tragic accident involving a hot air balloon that very morning.  This is a photo that I took that very morning from the hotel balcony, and I post it here in memory of all the poor souls that perished that morning.

I quickly sent messages back home to reassure people that we were all well and not involved.  As it happened, we had a felucca trip with canapes planned for later in the day rather than a balloon flight for our friend's birthday.

We eventually made it up to the jeweller's shop where we met Yousef and gave him the tea towels that he loves to get when we visit!  We bought some items as well, so he was a very happy bunny that day!!  The rest of the day was spent lounging at the hotel and exploring the grounds and generally just chilling out.  This holiday wasn't going to be hectic at all with no visits planned anywhere.

Around 3 p.m. or so, we all boarded the felucca arranged by the hotel for the sunset canape sail.  The hotel also supplied a birthday cake.

The birthday cake

The canapes
We had a wonderful leisurely sail on the Nile for the next few hours, just gently bobbing along watching the wildlife and waiting for the sun to go down.  It was all so laid back that all of us nearly fell asleep!!

Palm trees line the river

Passing Karnak Temple

Felucca captain

Sun behind rushes on river bank
After getting back to the hotel it was time for more relaxation before getting ready for dinner.  On our friends getting back to their room, this towel sculpture in the form of a cake was waiting for them, along with the decoration on the bed.

We chose to eat outside tonight again under the stars with the Theban Hills as the backdrop once more.  It's a view that you just don't tire of!!

Fillet steak with pepper sauce

I just fancied a pizza!!
 And just a couple more photos before bed!


Quiet corner
And so to bed!!

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