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Monday, 8 April 2013

The importance of a multi-tool!

I cannot pack light!!  That's just a fact of life!!  Anyway, amongst the many bits and bobs I pack on every holiday, is a small multi-tool.  Not for me to use however - that's a boys' toy, not a girls'!!!

Well, this year it came in handy while staying at the Hilton of all places.  The hotel room doors have rigid metal fixtures that lock the door when you're in the room - they're like a security chain but it's a rigid bar rather than a chain.  Well, ours didn't work.  There's no way it would fit together.  So, the boys compared the fittings on both room doors and also on the internal communicating door between our rooms, and discovered that someone had fitted our security thingymabob the wrong way round.  So, it was into the case for the multi-tool where they proceeded to use it to take the thing to bits and fit it back on the correct way round!!  Hey presto!!  It was all working as it should.

I wonder how long it had been like that?

Just a spot of holiday DIY!!


  1. Well that was certainly NOT boring! I've just read right through your recent holiday, and was kept interested all the time. I'm glad that your hospital stay wasn't a trial, but I have heard some good reports about the treatment there.
    I was glad that I can now put a face to the name, it was lovely to bump into you all on Madina Street that evening, I'm only sad that it was just a fleeting encounter, maybe next time we can arrange something better?
    Best wishes, and thanks for some interesting reading.

    1. Thank you Edward - the post regarding the multi-tool caught your attention!! I think you and my husband would get on well!! I did wonder after we met what you must of thought of this mad Scottish woman shouting, "Oh, that's Edward, it's Edward" after the caleche. My husband thought I'd gone totally doolally!!!!