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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On our Way!!

The 24th February 2013 eventually arrived and we were on our way!  However, on opening the curtains that morning what were we confronted with - SNOW!!  And it was heavy!!  We left home a little earlier than we would have normally but, being a Sunday and with the snow falling, traffic wasn't too busy but en route we did see two road accidents that had taken place and our fingers were kept firmly crossed that we didn't either get caught up in one or be delayed by one as we didn't want to miss our flight.  We had already checked in on line so our seats were all booked so all we had to do was get to the bag drop if we were late.

We got into the car park just fine but had a bit of difficulty to start with when the barrier wouldn't lift to let us in.  Then when we were allowed entry and parked up, we realised why! The barriers work by a number plate recognition system and our number plate was covered in snow and was almost unreadable!!

After a short, but very cold wait at the bus stop, the bus arrived and took us to the airport where we went to the bag drop then made our way through the security checks and onto the plane to Gatwick.  On arrival at Terminal Two it was so easy to find the hotel and we were soon settled and checked in.  This was our first visit to a Premier Inn and I must say it was very nice indeed.  We paid extra for our cooked breakfast in the morning, which is only just over £8.00 and we also decided to eat in the hotel that night.

Here are some photos of the room we had - very comfortable and all you need for an overnight stay.

Comfortable beds

Hanging space, TV, tea and coffee

All you need for an overnight stay
We were given our rooms early as we had arrived quite some time before we should have checked in, and this was the view we had, which wasn't great, but then we weren't staying here for the view!!

Windows, windows and more windows!!
And here's a little glimpse of the menus - it's all pretty good value indeed.  We certainly weren't disappointed with anything - well, apart from the bar service as that was a bit chaotic!!

Meal deals and main courses


Desserts and coffee
After a lovely meal that night we settled down for the night as our flight was around 9 a.m. the next day and we had to get down for breakfast then get ourselves over the the terminal which thankfully was just a short walk as it was still snowing!!  The escalator you can see in this photo is where you walk up into the terminal building.

Very short walk over to Terminal Two
I didn't have a good night's sleep at all, but that wasn't the fault of the hotel and is part of another story which I will come to later in the blog!!

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