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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Holiday in the Planning

My husband, friends and I decided that for the boys' BIG birthdays we should have a holiday to celebrate and to try to make sure both birthdays fell within the holiday, so the hunt was on.  However, with having three elderly parents over the age of 80, we didn't want to travel too far so we decided to look at Luxor once more, but it seemed difficult to get a package to the Winter Palace Pavilion as normal.  We then started looking at doing an independent holiday to Luxor which is something we had never done before, and we soon discovered that the dates we wanted weren't available because there was some sort of conference due to take place at the Winter Palace which was going to fill the hotel.

OK, so it was then time for Plan 'B'!!  We started looking at the prices for the Hilton Hotel which is the hotel we first stayed in many years ago and way before the refurbishment was carried out.  The prices were quite high but, because we had two special birthdays to celebrate, we decided to do split the holiday between staying at both hotels and that way our friend would have his birthday the day after we arrived at the Hilton and then my husband would have his birthday the day before we were scheduled to leave at the Winter Palace Pavilion.  Now, that seemed like the perfect plan!!  We booked both hotels independently, and our flights with Easyjet from Gatwick straight into Luxor for two weeks.

Staying in Scotland though, this also entailed booking overnight hotel stays at both ends of the holiday, so we had to begin looking for an airport hotel, and that's when we found the Premier Inn right on the doorstep of Terminal Two at Gatwick Airport and, with rooms advertised at only £19.00 per night, we grabbed them with both hands!!  Us Scots like a wee bargain!!

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