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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Last post from the Hilton

It's a pleasure to get up and have breakfast here!!  The breakfasts are just first class, top notch, five star - however you wish to describe them!!  The Hilton breakfast was always very special, but now that the hotel has been totally revamped, breakfasts have only just got better!!

We had a lazy morning at the pool with me wandering around taking photos as usual.  I was in my element here as there's quite a variety of bird life.


Nile sunbird

At lunchtime we took the courtesy bus into town and the driver very kindly dropped us off at the Winter Palace Hotel.  This is where we got our first taste of the hassle outside!!  However, we just let last wash over us and we went to the reception for the Winter Palace Pavilion and confirmed our arrival there the next day.  We were allocated rooms 3010 and 3011 which I think are rooms that we've occupied in the past!  We had lunch at the pool restaurant then we nipped out the back door of the hotel where we picked up a taxi back to the Hilton.  There were two taxis standing side by side, one old and rickety with its bonnet open and one very nice shiny new one with air conditioning.  Guess what one we got?  I think you'll guess when I tell you that to get air conditioning, we had to open a window!!  Anyway, the driver was pretty good - he had to be as the traffic was horrendous, but we got through it all safely and back to the Hilton without hassle from the driver which was a refreshing change! The cost of the taxi was 30LE which appeared to be the going rate according to other people that we'd asked.  Perhaps it was too expensive, but we were happy and the driver didn't try to rip us off for more and didn't hassle us for more business, and it perhaps gave him the only fare he got for that day!!  On alighting back at the hotel, it was time for more relaxation and more photo taking!!  The views of the sunsets from here are just stunning!!

Egret looking for his supper

We tried the buffet at the hotel tonight - another great choice, especially in the desserts section!!  The staff and management here certainly know how to look after their guests.  I'd love to come back and stay here for a longer time - three nights was just not long enough!!  It was soon time to get the final packing done as we were gearing up to leave the next morning for our next hotel where we could unpack properly rather than be living out of a suitcase as we had been doing for the past three nights.

A last look at the view

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