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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Visit to our friend's house

Today was cloudy again, but at least it was still warm.  We had nothing organised for today so we stayed at the pool yet again and planned on having the rolls we bought at the baker's last night for our lunch. During the time at the pool in the morning, one of the staff had come round to ask if anyone would like to book a massage.  As I thought I was in need of a little pampering, I took up this offer and was booked in before lunchtime.  There is a male employed to do the massages for men and a female to carry out the massages on ladies.  I have had a massage here before and found it quite rough, but this one was different and I almost fell asleep at one point!!  Priced at 115LE it wasn't too expensive.

We had our rolls and cheese for lunch which very nicely finished up the butter and cheese that we had stored in the fridge as it was growing closer to the end of the holiday and we didn't want to be wasting anything.

Again, we just lazed at the pool during the afternoon - I think I did say at the beginning of this blog that it was very much an R & R holiday!!  There is a new cake shop in the street right opposite the back door of the Winter Palace, so we popped in there as tonight was the night for going to our friend's house in the Village of the Cobra.  We got dressed and ready to go, gathering together the presents for the children, the cake, pens and pencils and then we set off to see Dony outside as we had already organised with him to take us there.

As usual once at the house, we were ushered into the family room where we had drinks and met the family and took photos!  We were then taken into the dining room where the table was groaning under the weight of the food!  He always makes us feel very welcome and uses the tartan table cover that we took over to him years ago!  We had taken over some tartan napkins for him this year and he had them on the table too, and he was wearing his Scotland shirt that we had given him on our last visit.  He's an honorary Scotsman now like we are honorary Egyptians!!

We spent an enjoyable time eating our food and seeing all the family but all too soon we were phoning Dony to come for us to take us back to the hotel.  We had had a great evening, as we usually do when visiting our friends here.

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